Remodeling projects are necessary to-dos as long as you’re living in a house. And of all the rooms, none is more deserving than the kitchen which sees the most work and carries the most value.
Remodeling can increase home value and is considered a prerequisite to most home resales. The cost of renovations will only increase as time passes, so it’s prudent to undertake it when necessary.

Remember: Only hire contractors who are licensed and carry and active CSLB bond.

Remodeling can also take place as often as you can afford. But, since most kitchen projects are a schedule one only if you’ve been noticing these signs:

Your power bills have climbed

The cost of electricity is increasing, but it’s a gradual rise. If your power bills seem to have alarmingly shot up despite maintaining moderate usage, outdated appliances could be to blame. When was the last time you upgraded them? Today, most electronics are Energy Star-rated, a standardization that determines how energy-friendly appliances are. If your last upgrade was a decade back, it’s safe to surmise that new standards would’ve been created by now in which case it’s high time to purchase a line of less power-hungry appliances.

There’s not enough storage space

Belongings will accumulate no matter how hard you try to discard junk. This means storage space becomes a problem and it’s time to rethink once-workable solutions. Larger cabinetry, built-in cabinetry, creating space in dead spaces, etc. are some of the things to try. Consult a remodeler who can plot and plan the best spaces for storage without marring aesthetics.

You’re considering selling the house

If the time has time to sell your home, you’ll need to look at things with a critical eye. Potential buyers want a trouble-free house, not one which needs repairs and renovations shortly. A new sink, resurfaced countertops and refurbished backsplashes are projects you can undertake if needed. A remodeler will examine everything carefully and let you know which other areas need work.

The work triangle is absent or difficult to work in

Every kitchen should have a work triangle which is nothing but a work zone comprising the cooking area, washing area, and refrigerator. Each station must be properly spaced, so they don’t feel cramped. Larger kitchens have the advantage of being able to accommodate larger stations, but there are clever ways to achieve great results with small spaces too. Speak to a remodeler who can give you options with the layout which directly affects how efficient a work triangle is.
There are damages

Some damages can be lived with, but structural, plumbing and electrical aspects must not be ignored. There are too many dangers, and the risk of worsening damage is high. Getting things fixed is one way to stop problems from compounding and prevent related ones from developing. Most damages are quite visible, but there are a few who need an expert eye to pick out. A remodeler can tell you where they’re likely to lie and the best fixes to apply.

Avoid taking on a remodeling project without professional help. You may not comply with building codes and may wind up spending a lot more than you estimated. A remodeler can be your best friend where renovations are concerned so seek help and expert advice. Research their Facebook Profile and other online resources to confirm they are a reputable company. You can also contact a local Surety carrier to confirm their bond is valid.