Available 2:30PM – 10PM, Monday through Sunday, 2:30pm – 11PM Friday and Saturday 


Deep Fried Baby Back Rib – 2/ea.

tamarind, sesame, yogurt

Foie Gras – 25

apples, bitter greens, butternut squash french toast, apple butter

Green Chile Pork Papusa – 8

salsa verde, apple, radish

French Fries – 5

sauce vert, truffle ketchup, aioli

Sweetbreads Nuggets – 12

sweet & sour sauce, peanuts, scallions

Mussels – 14

curry coconut broth, scallion focaccia

BBQ Octopus – 12

black eyed peas, bacon, i’itoi onion, aioli, bbq

Bone Marrow – 13

orange gremolata, anchovies, baguette

Cheese Board  - 15

three cheeses, country pate, jam, pickles, whole grain mustard, country bread

Green Garlic Fritters – 6

bacon jam, pecorino


Trout – 19

brown butter, almonds

5 Spice Duck Breast – 22

grilled grapes, port vinaigrette*

Flat Iron – 24

fingerling potato, crispy onion, mushroom vinaigrette*

Pork Belly – 21

bok choy, shitake mushrooms, pickled red pepper relish*

Grilled Scallops – 33

pine nuts, wheat berries, fennel, nicoise olives, orange marmalade*

Amy’s Bolognese – 19

creamy parmesan polenta, garlic bread crouton

Roasted Romanesco – 18

roasted root vegetables, acini di pepe, parmesan, lemon, smoked tomato vinaigrette

*- Indicates these items are cooked to order and may be served raw or undercooked.

Consuming raw or undercooked eggs or meats may increase your risk of food borne illness.